Thin Mint Cereal

I can’t help but be caught up in food packaging.  I notice immediately when something new is on the shelves and in many cases I have to buy it on the spot.  That’s what happened here with the brand new Girl Scout Cookie Thin Mint Cereal.  The moment I got home, I opened up that box and immediately became engulfed in minty chocolatey aroma. After the first taste, I was taken back to the first time I tried Thin Mint cookies.  They are delightful.  I haven’t even dared to eat this cereal with milk.  It wouldn’t be right.  Nobody dips their Thin Mint cookies into milk.  Sprinkled over ice cream on the other hand…that’s more like it.

Overall I would give this cereal 3.5/5 horns.  It’s delicious, but I can’t really eat more than a handful at a time.  Keep up the good work General Mills.


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